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Spring Summer 2021 Preview!

Hey gorgeous ladies -

I am so excited for the next collection. I have been working on it for some time now, making sure each line / shape and fit is perfect and while it's not yet complete I wanted to share the design process and ideas with you.

  1. Inspiration - I always start by looking for a vibe, interesting base shapes and styles that I'm feeling. For SS21 I looked to 90s fashion, not in swimwear but in clothing; this is an era that really made a come back in 2020 outside of swimwear and I think these styles will work amazingly on the beach. A second inspiration, which developed a bit later on during the drawing stages, came from the iconic 90s film Fifth Element which incorporated beautiful and creative shapes in the costume design by Jean Paul Gaultier.
  2. Keeping with Bezzant's ethos - As with the last collection "Boundless", core focus remains on sustainability (using sustainable fabrics), support and comfort. The fabric is super soft with a matt finish which makes it extremely versatile with wearing on the beach and into the night.
  3. What's new in 2021? - Some of the swimsuits will be reversible - so 2 colors for the price of one basically and we are introducing swimwear jewelry - gold plated chains - think belts, anklets etc. Get excited! 

Right now the amazing women led manufacturer in Brazil is working on the samples. It's a small manufacturer so I have frequent contact with them all the way through the production process and so far the pieces are looking incredible!

I hope to have the samples back with me in New York in January 2021, at which point we will do the photo shoot and release for sale! I literally love this part, with seeing your drawings come to life.

Let me know what you think of these ideas and ask me any question! I'd love to hear from you.


Nicole x


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